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Weddings — February 17, 2023

KC + Paul’s Backyard Wedding In Malibu


The most important thing to KC + Paul was to have their wedding in their backyard in Malibu. There was never a question of “where to get married” because they knew immediately this was going to become their venue. Photographing a backyard wedding in Malibu is one of the most wholesome things I’ve experienced- their closest friends and family all in such a perfect location really just made it feel like home (slight pun intended, I guess). This was during a time after the wildfires in California had spread in 2021 and unfortunately their house was one of the homes that caught fire, putting a huge halt and stressor on everyone. They and their family worked extensively in months leading up to the wedding to restore it all and it absolutely paid off. You would never guess the state of things prior to their wedding because this was one of the most gorgeous properties I’ve ever been on in my life. Their wedding day was during the end of summer, while the fires in the surrounding hills were still active and yet I remember the weather being immaculate. Sure, there was concern for smog making its way out to the coast from inland, but only a small amount crept in for about 15 minutes during sunset. It was gorgeous throughout the entire day and it made them so happy to rebuild and celebrate this space.