NEW YORK city based 

NEW YORK city based 

NEW YORK city based 

NEW YORK city based 

NEW YORK city based 

NEW YORK city based 

NEW YORK city based 

NEW YORK city based 

NEW YORK city based 

NEW YORK city based 

NEW YORK city based 

NEW YORK city based 

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Hi friends, I'm Jon! I've been a wedding photographer shooting digital & film for the past 8 years (been based in New York City since 2018!), and I am so incredibly lucky to be able to use this medium as a way to capture emotions of human connection. The main focus of my work revolves around capturing everything as it was, not as it should be.

I'm here to bring out the best in you- whether that's being absolute goofballs, lookin' like GQ models, or sharing an intimate moment. I put my entire being into everything I do, and I want you to feel right at home when I capture your biggest moments. This is full on authentic, natural, candid, & emotionally charged storytelling at its finest.


Hello MTV & welcome to my crib.



madhvi + jimmy
New york, new york

"Jon gave us the gift of a lifetime. We are in awe of the photos and feel forever grateful to him for bringing our vision to life. I came across Jon's work before getting engaged and knew I would have to find a way to have him photograph our special day. When we first spoke to Jon, we were still figuring out what the vision was. All we knew was that we were eloping at the New York Public Library and wanted to incorporate as many food and personality pictures as possible. 

Jon's attention to detail was impeccable, and every image felt like a work of art. The combination of deep, rich tones and subtle highlights added a layer of sophistication to our elopement photos that we never thought possible. He is a true professional but also a warm and calming presence. He made us feel as ease, capturing our genuine moments of love, laughter, and pure emotion. Jon truly knows how to capture the essence of a moment and turn it into a timeless memory. He goes above and beyond for his clients and quickly adapts to changes.

Our gallery of photos left us speechless, and we are forever grateful to Jon for turning our elopement into a visual masterpiece. We can't thank him enough for his dedication and artistry. These photos will be cherished for a lifetime, and we highly recommend Jon to anyone seeking a mesmerizing, cinematic work of art beyond their wildest dreams. We couldn't be happier with the results, and we can't wait to share these stunning memories with our friends and family.



Dana + eric
Zion national park, utah

"Jon captured our wedding day perfectly, highlighting the emotions that not only myself and my husband expressed, but also the emotions of our family and friends who surrounded us that day. When you're in the midst of your wedding you're not thinking about or paying attention to the details or the images that are being taken.

His photography has allowed us to relive that day and those emotions each time we look at our photos, and that's something you can't put a price on. Our wedding day was our third time having Jon capture our love and we wouldn't have had it any other way, and we look forward to having him photograph us in again the future! If you are looking for a wedding photographer in New York City or anywhere else, Jon is your guy!"



"Jon has been among my favorite wedding photographers in New York City for some time. When my wife Stephanie and I were first engaged I had already been following his work for a couple of years, and inviting him to be our wedding photographer was the easiest choice we made in our planning. His ability to capture sweeping environments and intimate details in the space of a couple frames is unparalleled. He is incredibly consistent in both lighting and color grading, and most importantly, knows how to tell a story in every series. 

While we are both from New York originally, and had selected a venue in that locale, we currently reside in Florida. Jon reached out to inform us that he would be in Florida for an unrelated shoot and invited us to meet for our engagement images! Again, a no-brainer. They were simply gorgeous, and really captured our personalities and our relationship. We made use of these first images for our wedding invites, scrapbook gifts for our parents, and elements of the imagery made it onto our cake! 

On the day of our wedding Jon was one of the first people I met with for individual captures. He made me feel incredibly at-ease and excited all the same. We shared a coffee and the sessions evolved naturally. Each of the groomsmen felt immediately comfortable with him as well. The atmosphere was jovial and celebratory, everyone making jokes and suggestions, and he absolutely nailed the captures. He was able to grab the personality and stylized bits that I was most-after, but was also so thorough in his process that the entire party was captured thoroughly enough to sate the quantitative wishes of the broader family. In fact, this is true of the entire wedding ceremony. 

During the ceremony itself he was organized, present, and considerate. The images were otherworldly. My wife Stephanie and I had 100% confidence in his ability, and our expectations were more than awarded. He receives our full endorsement, and I look forward to working with him in other professional capacities in the future. "



Stephanie + Vincent
new york/Florida

Laura + zac
new york

"Jon was a fantastic photographer for our wedding. He was super enthusiastic in our collaboration beforehand. We first met him for our engagement shoot, which turned out amazing. He has such an eye for capturing authentic moments as art, and I truly can't stop looking at the photos we received. His photos are intentional, artistic, and tell a story of the moment. His style is a super refreshing take on wedding photography versus the status quo. We couldn't be happier with our photographer for our New York City Wedding!" 



new york

My husband and I had a small intimate wedding ceremony at the Justice of Peace courthouse on May 17th. We had many plans celebrating with family and friends but we wanted a moment for us. I’ve been following Jon’s Instagram account for year and have seen him in action at a cousin’s wedding. So when we were able to book a session, I was THRILLED. Our session with Jon made my husband and I fall in love with New York City again. Being a New Yorker, it’s hard to enjoy the beauty of this city and just get tuned into the hustle and bustle of the daily grind. It felt like New York City stopped for us.

Jon has a very amiable personality and welcomed us very quickly. Prior to meeting Jon, we exchanged emails regarding the details of the shoot: location, types of photos and special requests. My biggest concern was that my husband doesn’t enjoy taking photos. He’s very much “great, we for a few photos, let’s move on.” But Jon understood the assignment. He told us to just hang out, look at each other and talk to each other. It’s fascinating to have an intimate moment and not realizing Jon is capturing all of it silently. There were no awkward poses or smiles, but just genuine interactions between me and my husband. With his photos, I felt the love that he captures and you can see the sparks in our eyes and body language.

During our session, Jon took us on a stroll across the Brooklyn bridge and into Dumbo Park. The whole sessions was a little over 2 hours but it went by so quickly. Jon is a great listener and took his time to get to know us too. This made us feel more relaxed and comfortable for the photo session. He also asked us for our requests or ideas for photos and gave us suggestions as well. It was beyond our expectations and the final results brought happy tears. This was a special wedding date night that will forever engrain in our memories and we hope to continue with our future family!



Jon is incredible in every way. He’s an insanely talented photographer and his talents are easy to see in every single picture that he takes. He has an unmatched ability to capture candid, intimate, and touching moments in a way that perfectly captured our personalities. Each picture that he takes is a work of art that evokes true emotions and highlights the incredible details of the moment. We have looked through our wedding album countless times already and have been brought to tears every time- we are obsessed. Each picture captures not only the beauty of the setting, but also perfectly captures our emotions throughout the day in a way that is unparalleled. Our pictures were natural, candid, and full of these true emotions. He made sure to capture genuine moments of love and joy instead of forcing us into unnatural poses or awkward situations like many photographers seem to do.

Throughout our engagement session and wedding day, he made both of us feel so at ease, which is saying a lot as we were very nervous to be in front of the camera! He seemed to know exactly what was needed in every situation to get the shot, while also making sure our day was perfect! He picked the right moments to blend into the crowd so that we didn’t feel pressured, but also stepped in when necessary to gently guide us or strategically set us up for a gorgeous shot. As our wedding photographer, we spent most of our day with him and it felt like we were just hanging out with a friend.

He was personable, accommodating, and the perfect amount of professional throughout the whole process. He was quick to send us previews in only a few days and provided the finished wedding album in only about a month. And every picture is just incredible. Words don’t even do them justice! Our family and friends have been raving about how many amazing pictures we have and we can’t even pick favorites because there are too many good ones! We will cherish these pictures forever and are so happy that we chose Jon to capture our big day. We recommend him as a wedding photographer for anyone getting married in New York City or anywhere else in the world!



ashley + chris
seattle, washington + charleston, South carolina

Absolutely obsessed with Jon as our photographer and the photos he took for our session and New York City wedding!!! I can't recommend him enough - these go beyond just photos and into works of art we'll treasure forever. If you're lucky enough to have a wedding when he's available - you have to choose him!



jenny + nick
new york


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