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But before we do, I want to talk about expectations.

I take so much pride in my work, and over the years I've curated a whole lifestyle behind doing this. I love having the artistic freedom to create and capture images that make you feel something and my craft is unique to me as a person. That being said, if you're looking for someone who focuses more on posing and less organic movement, I'm probably not the best fit for you, and that is totally okay! Not all people are compatible and that same truth can apply to artistic preferences. Likewise, if you are looking for someone who can just give you the bare minimum at a cheap cost, you might not find the most value in working with me. 

At the end of the day, photographs are going to be the single most important investment for your wedding day because everything else simply doesn't last forever. Our memories are wonderful but the truth is we just can't remember everything as vividly as we used to, especially as time goes on. Photographs of you and your significant other will immortalize those memories and from time to time when you go back and look at them you'll probably say "Wow, I forgot how beautiful we looked" or "I'm so happy that we have the memories of my grandmother, I wish she was still here now, but at least we have these so I can see her on our favorite day". Your love story is going to be full of precious moments and I want to give you something so intentionally beautiful that you wouldn't be able to forget because you could look back at every photograph any time you wanted.

I want you to remember how it felt when you see yourselves in my photographs and feel the emotion with every frame, almost like you're watching a movie of your love story with individual frames on pause. You'll find yourselves captured in the most authentic ways with no fluff or filler in between- just pure love on camera.

Frequently Asked Questions

is the reservation fee/deposit refundable?

I am not able to refund any retainers/deposits on any kind of session. I schedule out more than a year in advance, and typically turn down other couples for dates that are already booked. This protects me as a business owner.

we're extremely awkward and have never been photographed, now what?

I hear this every single week and that's totally normal! 90% of my couples have never been photographed before, trust me when I say you are far from being the first couple who feels a little awkward. We aren't taught to be photographed naturally growing up and so the most unnatural poses become our most normal ones, but I'm here to show you something different. It's a priority of mine to make you and your partner feel extremely comfortable in your own skin and embrace your love as it is in the moment. The best thing about all of this is you don't have to worry about trying to achieve perfection in poses. I'll guide you to do things and let those organic moments unfold naturally. It's all about your connection to your partner, not how you think you need to appear in front of my camera. If you can be in love, I can handle the rest!

will you travel for my wedding/session?

I'm beyond grateful to call New York home, but I travel A LOT. I spent my early teenage years dreaming of exploring the world and getting out of my farm town, so I found a way to do that. I get to photograph people in love all over the place and it rocks. I've photographed love stories in over 35 states and a few countries, so don't hesitate to reach out for a destination wedding or event. Being able to photograph in different environments and cultures is truly incredible and I'll always take you up on it. 

Do you shoot 35mm and 120mm film?

Heck yeah I do! Much of my color grading for your images is inspired heavily from vintage film and it plays a huge part in my work. I currently shoot 35mm and 120mm film (medium format). Either of these can be added on for $500 or $750 respectively and will include the best quality film I can offer. This option is available for couples sessions and weddings!

how many images are included?

You can expect to receive 70-100 final hand-edited images per hour of coverage! After your wedding day, I'll remove any photos you wouldn't want or need (people blinking, blurry, etc) and edit & deliver the rest. Don't worry, I won't withhold any images I think you'll want. 

What's your turnaround time look like?

Alright, so you guys ever have anxiety that your hard drive is going to spontaneously combust and you'll lose all your client work from a few months ago and the world will end? No? Just me? Sounds good. I'm extremely fast with my turnaround time. In off season I deliver weddings within a month and sessions within 2 weeks, and during busy season you'll get them back within 7 weeks and 4 weeks respectively. I'll get them back to you as soon as possible with the most beautiful edits you could ever hope for.

do you give raws/unedited images?

I love you guys, but nope. Part of the magic of what I do is in the color grading I've worked so hard to achieve over the past 5 years of doing this. A huge contributor in creating the mood of your photos comes from editing, and without my edits your images just wouldn't quite have the same touch.

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Color grade the way I do.