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I'm a New York City based storyteller with a knack for capturing love as it is through a cinematic scope with a taste of nostalgia- taking you back to those moments that felt like scenes from a movie. I've been incredibly lucky to do this with every ounce in me for the past 5 years. I don't call it a job because it rarely feels like one; I get to thrive in my own creative space, documenting and experiencing so many fulfilling love stories. When I work with couples I see it as opening up space for you both to relax and reconnect on a heartfelt level. I photograph like I'm shooting an indie film, mostly trying to be a fly on the wall so all of the authenticity of your relationship has space to thrive. It's often seen that smaller moments have little to no value, but I would beg to differ- those are pieces to a larger story that without existing would tell an incomplete (and much less significant) story. All of the moments in between hold so much gravity, kind of like they are  invisible lines that tether your relationship at its core. At the end of the day I'm here to tell stories of human connection in the most authentic ways possible. 

I'm a traveling
wedding photographer.

Howdy, I'm Jon.

Sagittarius Sun, Leo Rising, Virgo Moon
Enneagram: 5w4
Personality type: ENFP-A


I'm from the south, but currently live in new york city- my favorite place in the world. I grew up racing dirt bikes and skateboarding, documenting my childhood on my mom's 80s VHS camcorder (you know, the ones with the small tapes that go inside the big tapes? Yeah THAT kind). If I was out doing anything it was in my hand. I was a big Tumblr guy, mostly on my laptop in class during high school and college reblogging vintage photographs, dramatic landscapes, concerts, or anything that took me away from where I was. It wasn't until this year that I actually realized I always loved photography but never knew it. Being a free-spirited child with a camcorder and curating a blog of dreamy photographs should have been a tale-tell sign, but it took a client pointing those things out to me- helping me understand I've loved telling stories my entire life. When I started photographing professionally (unfortunately not with a VHS camcorder) I was drawn to chasing sunsets and beautiful light on epic hikes or along the coast with my friends. I never photographed people until 2018, but when I started- I fell in love.

There's something so special about human connection and how it differs from couple to couple, person to person. It's helped me see the beauty in what we'd normally consider mundane. And now I just want to capture love in all of its various ways- whether it's making coffee together, laying in a field, hiking Mt Rainier, taking the subway to the bookstore, dancing to Springsteen. I want to tell your story in a cinematic, natural way that captures the transparency of you and your partner. 


I  want to tell your story as it was, not as it should be.

Since it's warm out you can find me riding my bike through Brooklyn or under a tree in the park with a cold brew and a good book. I try to spend as little time inside and I'll take any excuse to photosynthesize for the majority of my day. I enjoy the simple things. I like feeling at peace and really being in tune with my existence. Although, I am really extroverted and love hanging with people. I go to concerts a lot (way more than I care to admit) and sometimes it just feels fun to let go and get a little rowdy in the mosh. I sing a lot and that was what I wanted my dream career to be before I knew this was actually my true dream life.

I enjoy skateboarding during sunset and hanging out on rooftops late at night, high above the city. During the in between moments of everything I love to people watch, and that has become one of the main inspirations for what I do. Watching people existing tells so much about who they are and the way we interact as humans. Seeing those connections unfold is something magical, whether that's platonic or romantic and it all helps me understand the millions of connections happening at any given moment- to me there's so much magic in that.

I create art, not content. I want to photograph things as they are- in their most natural and vulnerable form. I'm not into posing or making things look how society thinks they should look. Everyone I develop a connection with creates new experiences that I cherish- the experience of  human connection is what I thrive off of and it motivates me to be more intentional with every person I meet and get to work with. At the end of the day I just want to tell your story in the most authentic way possible. I keep my heart open to everyone and hope everyone feels right at home when we work together.

This is a safe space for LGBTQIA+ individuals and couples.
You are loved here.

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