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Couples — February 17, 2023

Elysha + Charlie’s West Village Engagement Session


Elysha + Charlie wanted to spend their engagement session in West Village, one of New York’s most iconic neighborhoods. They both lived here for a while and felt like it was a location that held so much value in their relationship and they wanted to honor that. We kept it pretty classic and simple- Joe’s Pizza, casual strolls throughout the streets, and ended on their old rooftop which honestly has some of the best skyline views I’ve ever seen in the city. Surrounding yourself with Elysha + Charlie just feels good. Their pure intentions for one another are almost physically tangible and I think that says a lot. It was super clear how easily they can love one another as every time I glanced over at them Charlie was sweeping Elysha up in his arms holding her, making sure she was as close as possible to him.