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Couples — February 17, 2023

Bridget + Nicholas’ Vintage In Home Session


When Bridget and Nicholas mentioned to me they wanted to do an in-home I was seriously so excited. I’ve been wanting to document more couples in the space they call home to see how differently everyone lives. Bridget told me they had a lot of vintage collections and she was obsessed with everything from 50 years ago. I initially thought that it was just going to be gorgeous and didn’t understand the gravity of her expressing it to me.

At their apartment in Hoboken, Bridget and Nicholas have the largest vintage collection of any home I’ve ever been in, no exaggeration. They have over the years, beautifully curated their space to make you feel like you’re 40-60 years in the past, and my god is it done tastefully. It’s very clear that they were both extremely intentional about their decor and that they’re passionate about every piece of furniture that occupies space. Every single object in their home is from another era. You think you’ve seen it all and then you glance on the bookshelf and find another trinket. Everything from her dress to seating to the vintage bathtub Nicholas turned into a loveseat in their bedroom. I admire them so much for the effort they put curating their home into a house from 50 years ago.

This entire session was an experience where I rarely gave them any direction. I told them that I can’t come into their home and tell them how to act or love- so all I said was do things that continue to make you feel at home. They made whiskey drinks, danced to Springsteen, enjoyed the quiet Sunday afternoon on a fire escape, and helped each other get ready for a night out in Hoboken. I’m grateful for this experience. Much love to the both of you.

I also shot 35mm and those images are located at the bottom of this gallery. When I found out how much they loved anything vintage and nostalgic I knew that 35mm would be the cherry on top.